Ready to heal that gut, get your energy back and come alive again? I know you are! And I can't wait to chat to you about it!

We’ll spend around 30 - 60 mins together (via Skype) to chat about your health - what's going on, what you're goals are, what's stopping you and if we would be a good fit working together!



Ready to heal your gut? Let's chat!

Doing it on your own doesn't work.

Feeling lost, frustrated or stuck about your health happens because you're trying to work it all out in your own head, and just going round in circles.

When I was healing, I felt frustrated, lost and stuck most of the time - because I thought I could figure it all out on my own.

I was researching like crazy, trying to find that thing that I was missing.

I always had this narrowed tunnel vision of whatever I was researching at that time, but that meant I never stepped backed to see the bigger picture.

I didn't realise at the time, but I was just making everything so much harder on myself. And I also wasted a shiz-load of time not really getting anywhere.

No matter how smarty pants you are, how much you know about health, or how much you research I really believe that you get quicker and better results when you work with someone.

Because they can see things that you can't - you're too in it too see it.

And this is true even for me.

Just last week I was trying to solve something in my head, and had been thinking about it for weeks without getting anywhere. Then I talked to someone about it for 10 minutes, and came up with an answer that I would NEVER have got to on my own!

We just can't come up with these bigger picture solutions on our own.

I've fallen in love with creating online programs where I just give you all the information, but I also love that 1:1 coaching because we can go so DEEP, we can puzzle solve and we can get the huge forward momentum leaps.

And it just takes so much less time to get there.

This is perfect for you if your just tired of doing this whole thing alone.

What I help people do is to fill the gaps that their missing, to ask the questions they've never even though of asking, to help make the connections that they can't see themselves because they're too in it to see it.

Here's what you need to focus on:

  • healing and sealing the gut - because we all know that leaky gut is one of the big roots of illness that we need to heal, but it's also caused by toxins, emotions and poor diet which we need to address:
  • detoxing your environment and your body - because this is actually one of the most underestimated and crucial pieces of getting better
  • healing your happy and going deep on the emotional, mental and spiritual piece - because in order to heal, you need to become the person you really want to be and get rid of those mental blocks holding you back
  • figuring out what food is right for you - because this is one of the most confusing parts, what is helping you and what is hurting you? we figure that out

Get to the ROOT of what's going on!

This is the basis of getting to and fixing the ROOT CAUSES of whatever health suck-fest you're in right now.

Fixing those is the KEY to:

  • getting your energy back (and getting rid of that fatigue)
  • clearing the brain fog and feeling clear headed
  • fixing skin problems
  • getting rid of inflammation
  • feeling like yourself again!

If you're health suck-fest includes any of these:

  • exhaustion and fatigue
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • headaches
  • digestion problems like bloating, gas, pain, constipation, diarrhoea etc
  • food sensitivities
  • skin issues
  • autoimmune...

...then you need to be doing those four pieces above in order to heal.

And that's what we focus on in my 1:1 coaching program.


3 months // 12 sessions // 60 minutes // $947 USD

1:1 sessions done via Skype



It's hard to figure out all the pieces on your own.

The really amazing part of my coaching program is:

  • the time each week to go deep and really explore your health, your life, your feelings, your goals, EVERYTHING – we don’t ever give this time to ourselves, and we don’t ever have someone who will sit there and listen and take us deeper than we can go on our own
  • the weekly check-in that keeps you CONSISTENT and ON-TRACK with your progress! To keep building on your healthy habits each week, not just do a bit here and a bit there.
  • the SUPPORT of having someone there (me!) to listen and keep you positive and MOTIVATED! Someone who has been through it and can help bring you back into a positive and happy mental space.
  • the IMPLEMENTATION and taking ACTION, during the session, we come up with ACTION STEPS for you to take that week, and you’ll feel so pumped up and excited and supported that you’ll actually DO THEM!
  • creating HABITS, sticking to habits and continuing to build on the foundational habits.


Let's chat - book a free discovery session!

We’ll spend around 30 minutes together (via Skype) to chat about your health - what's going on, what you want you're health to look like, what's stopping you and if we would be a good fit working together!

Let's finally get you unstuck and moving forward!



"My health and mindset have changed more than I thought possible.

Before I began this coaching programme I was extremely unhappy with life and my body was creating problems to reflect those feelings. I now feel positive about life, hopeful for the future, I am beginning to think rationally, outside of my behaviours and habits and most importantly I have begun to really start being kind to myself, something that was the most difficult for me for so long.

Through your focus on the mental and emotional side of healing and working on a holistic approach rather than one specific angle has been really amazing. By setting realistic goals each week, I have slowly integrated them into my everyday routine, seeing small but amazing changes.

I would definitely recommend coaching with you! A huge thank you for inspiring and motivating me further towards my true self, I am forever grateful. x"

Paige T.